Successful Wardrobe Choices will complement your portrait, and more importantly, not distract from it.

Successful Wardrobe Choices, MEN

  • Standard Executive Portrait using a Gray background.
  • A solid colored dark business coat for your Executive Portrait looks best.If you are not planning on wearing a coat, a dark colored shirt will work, NOT WHITE.If you are wearing a tie for your Executive Portrait don’t go too wild, keep it subtle. Think solid muted colors.
  • A fresh shave is always good. If having your haircut do so a few days before.

Successful Wardrobe Choices, LADIES

  • A dark solid color jacket is best. Please do not wear a white or bright colored jacket for your Corporate Portrait.
  • Your blouse under your jacket should not be too flashy, think muted earth tones.
  • Please do not have bare upper arms for your Executive Portrait.
  • Wear your “everyday” daytime make-up.
  • Subtle jewelry is great.

I encourage everyone to bring a variety of clothes to try different looks. Photographs will be viewed on an iPad as they are produced and a PDF proof sheet will be available to you that day.

Getting a new portrait should not be stressful.

I know this is not a lot of fun for people, but creating your best portrait is what I do. I bring the best lighting equipment and use the best retouching software. You will be coached during the shoot through a variety of poses that will produce Executive Portraits you will be excited to use in many ways, online and in print. Be sure to view other galleries on my website for your needs when it comes to other needs for Corporate Photography, and Corporate Branding.

Look for other examples on my Executive Portrait Example Page

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