Examples of Corporate Videos

For years my clients have counted on me to provide them with high quality still photos for their websites and marketing needs. I now provide the same level of service in producing corporate videos. I specialize in working with smaller companies that do not have a $20,000 budget but still need a quality product to showcase their business. From conception to post production quality is the number one concern. There are a few examples below.


Your Website Needs Video.

Your website and other marketing campaigns today require video to successfully interact with your clients. It could be a CEO putting on a friendly face. I could be some instructional videos explaining the ease of how a product can be used. A cat playing the piano…maybe not. The bottom line is you can communicate a lot more in a 45 second video then you can in 1,500 typewritten words.

How Your Corporate Videos are produced.

You have already started the process. Looking at different websites and checking out YELP! reviews. You have something in mind and want to get an idea of the costs involved. You would also want to know the impact of producing a video will have on the workflow of your office. I understand budgets are not what they were years ago. I am generally happy to work with yours. Producing high quality video is not rocket science but you want someone that has experience in producing a quality product and knows the importance of paying attention to the details.

Communication and preparation are also important to efficiently producing a Corporate Video. I don’t just show up and wing it. It generally starts with a phone call. There is a lot of information on my website but every client has different concerns that they would like addressed directly. I am happy to take your call to see if the services I offer are a good fit for your needs.


The video below was produced for the United States Adaptive Recreation Center Where I have been a volunteer ski instructor of the last 20 years.

Of course please keep me bookmarked when it comes to the production of still digital images.