Pricing for Executive Portraits


I Set-Up At Your Location, Office or Home.

1 person $150.00

2 – 4 persons $125.00 each

5 – 10 persons $100.00 each

11+  persons  CALL

Pricing for more than one individual is if everyone is photographed on the same day and the same location.

The cameras I use show every little detail, so some retouching is included.

Price includes one photograph per person retouched to your liking.

Additional photos from your shoot can be retouched for $25.00 each.

Please also see some of my other pages, Producing Executive Portraits and Successful Wardrobe Choices for more information and to be better prepared for your Executive Portraits.


* Just starting out? Need a photo for your online resume? No corporate budget?
Come to my Huntington Beach location for a $100 special. Same excellent quality!


Pricing for your other Corporate Photography needs depend on several factors.

– Your Budget. I think 10 years ago maybe money did grow on trees. Not any more. I am happy to work with you.

– The scope of the job. A group photo of three people or are you creating an entire new website library?

– Will extensive Photoshopping be required? Facial retouching is included in all portraits. Adding people to group photos, removing buildings will generally cost extra. All fees are discussed before the photos are taken.

– Is it best to bill the job hourly or per photograph? Sometimes a day rate or 1/2 day rate is less expensive than price per photo.

– Will I need to bring an assistant? Relatively inexpensive and a must have for a variety of assignments.

– Would you like a Hair and Make-up person?

– Do we need a helicopter? We can do that.

All of these things and more will be thoroughly discussed before the job is started. There will never be any hidden costs on your invoice.
After receiving your photographs they are yours to do with as you please. I do not request a licensing fee for your images.


See more information on my website about photographing executive portraits and corporate branding.