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Executive Portraits in Orange County

You are looking for Executive Portraits in Orange County. My name is Andy Templeton. For years I practiced producing award-winning, story telling images for publications around the country. I now offer these abilities to corporate clients that are looking for professional photography to tell their story. It does not matter if you are a small business owner in Huntington Beach, or a Fortune 500 CEO in Irvine. You realize the importance of having a professional photographer produce the images that represent you and your business. This is my speciality. When you are looking for executive portraits in orange county you have found the right site.

Nobody likes to be photographed

Everybody understands that sitting for a business portrait is not on anybody’s fun list. Like searching websites for someone you can trust to photograph yourself or executives in your care. Nobody needs stress. I do not photograph pets, babies, or brides (talk about stress!). Working with clients to produce high quality images and video to represent their businesses is my passion. Years ago when I was using film and a client was nervous I would shoot 30+ frames without loading the camera. Film was expensive. With digital today it is no problem banging through as many snaps as it takes to get people to relax. A big part of my job is developing a rapport as we shoot. I get people to relax and their natural smiles come out.  Please take a look at this page on my website that gives a little more detail about Producing Executive Portraits. Of course I can customize the experience to fit your needs.

 Executive Portraits and More

I started out calling this business Executive Portraits Orange County because executive portraits in Orange County is the core of my business. As you cruise around my site you will also see examples of other corporate images that I have produced. Please call when you need other photography or videos to brand you business. Are you using stock photos on your website. Sorry they look like stock photos. Personalize your branding with your own images. If you have a job and I can’t knock it out of the park, I will not waist your time or mine, I will help you find someone else that can.

Enjoy the Visit or Call.

Hiring a photographer is not an everyday experience for most people. I have tried to create an online experience that is easy and informative. There is a lot of information that can be found at the top of the page especially under FAQ’S. Of course I would also welcome a phone call at (714) 747-0556.  If you would like to speak to a real person give me a call!.

Here are a few links to other pages on my site to get you started,

PortfolioProducing Executive PortraitsSuccessful Wardrobe ChoicesPricing

 I am fortunate enough to live near the beach in Southern California but I am happy to travel and produce photographs world wide.

Thank you again for visiting, Andy

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