I needed a new professional portrait for my new marketing campaign. Since this would be a picture many people would see, it was important that it be right, not just good enough. I did my research, finding many photographers who specialize in photographing everything under the sun. I finally came across Andy’s work, and was immediately impressed. His photos had an attention to detail, and artistic flare that set it apart from the everyday professional portraits.

I called Andy on a Friday, and was able to do the photo shoot the next day in my office. Before we began, we discussed the use of these photos and my target market. I felt comfortable relinquishing artistic control to Andy, who kept my marketing needs in the forefront of his focus during the project.

We were able to complete the photo shoot very quickly. I was very surprised to receive a proof sheet in my email less than two hours later. Even more impressive to me was receiving the high quality finished product in my email less than 24 hours after our photo shoot.

It was a pleasure working with a professional photographer like Andy. He understood my needs and the best way to effectively communicate my business through an image.

I would recommend Andy to anyone!