Professional Photography

Last week I was contacted by a financial company that wanted corporate photography. They wanted new photos of their principal employees for their new web site.

They shared some examples of photos they liked from their other web site. Some companies like a studio type background. This client wanted more of a environmental look. Something that shows their office surroundings.

I arrived early as I usually do for a look around. Besides mostly bare walls and cubicles I noticed a series of paintings common to the offices. After a discussion we decided these would be the background for the portraits.

Experience tells me to use a telephoto lens to compress the subjects onto the background. The photos might run small on the web. They generally need to be tight.

I always use small professional studio lights to give the photographs correct exposure along with a little shading. That kind of light does not come from overhead fluorescent lamps or an on-camera flash. Unless your subject has done some modeling, passing along some tips on posing is required.

Get the Details Right

So the photo is composed well, the lights are set, and the subject is at ease in front of the camera. Not done yet. High resolution digital images show far more detail then most people want to see so a little post-production work is essential.

Most people have heard of the program Photoshop, but I doubt there is one person in the whole world world that knows it in its entire complexity. Thankfully I know enough. I can soften the flaws in the portraits and create images that people will gladly hang on their web sites.

The before and after photos below give a good example of the details of the finished photo. The removal of white post above head, fine tuning of exposure, saturation, color, along with the removal of shadows and softening of features makes for a far more appealing and professional photograph.

Example of Corporate Photography

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