Event Photography

Event photography of new technology at UCI I enjoy event photography. Photographing an event gives me a chance to work on my feet. I get to produce story telling images. Event photography reminds me of the times I worked producing photographs for newspapers and magazines. There are two kinds of people in this world, Macintosh and…

Photographing History

The Irvine Company was to release 20,000 acres of open space wilderness land to Orange County Parks to be preserved and made available to the public under their stewardship for future generations. This increases OC Parks’ parkland by 50 percent to 60,000 acres. This is the largest single donation of land to the county in its history.

Documentary Photography – You Have Seen Their Faces*

You have seen their faces everywhere from the street corners and freeway off ramps to television news. Times are tough and people are out of work. A lot of people have lost their jobs, their homes, people they love, everything.

Sports Photography Is A Day At The Beach

Last weekend, one of the first sunny weekends in a while, Professional Beach Volleyball was taking over the sand and I was asked to photograph it. Misty May-Treanor, Nicole Branagh, April Ross, Jennifer Kessy, Todd Rogers, Phil Dalhausser, John Hyden and Sean Scott to name a few. The best beach volleyball players in the world and I am front row.

Editorial Photography – Photographing the “Bump”

I met Henna Artist Lernie Beuler at a health fair where she had a booth and was demonstrating her work. Henna painting has been popular throughout the world for ages celebrating transitions in life, why not a pregnancy.

Photographing Orange County’s Wildflowers

Photographing Orange County’s Wildflowers A couple of days ago I was given the chance to venture into some of the wilderness areas that surround Orange County. Vast acres kept behind locked gates accessible only to stewards of the pristine environment, power line maintenance crews, or on occasion a privileged tour.   The Irvine Ranch Conservancy…

A Dangerous Irvine Portrait

I had an assignment to photograph a man Craig Monteilh. A man who claims to have been working undercover for the FBI, and he was talking about it. Cue up “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” by The Hollies…He was wearing a trench coat and dark glasses. I was wearing Dockers and maybe a shirt by Tommy Bahama. We met under a tree near a bridge. He kept look around like he was expecting someone else to show up invited or not.