Personality Portraits

There are two main categories that corporate portraits fall into, the standard head and shoulders photo and then the “personality” photo. We do both at Andy Templeton Photography, but have noticed a trend that more corporate portraits are storytelling/personality photos.

Photography Post Production

Professional Photography Post Production There are several steps that take place after the photo shoot. The time professional photography post production consumes can range from fifteen minutes to several hours. Depending on what needs to be accomplished. For my clients, this time is generally accounted for in the cost of the photo shoot. That is…

Professional Photography Equipment

Recently I invested a few thousand dollars on additional lighting equipment and it got me thinking about photography equipment in general. There are many differences between a professional photographer and amateur – one of them being the tools that they bring to the job, having the right tools and knowing how to use them makes all the difference in the world.

New Business Portraits.

I have been getting a lot of calls from people that are tired of seeing photos of their executive staffs, business owners, and team members displayed on their websites in gallerys of unflattering images shot over the last 10 years with a mix of poor technique and different backgrounds.

Business Portrait Background

Think about your business portrait background. Sometimes you have the opportunity to create Business Portraits in an environment that is complementary to the overall look of the photo and sometimes (a lot of times) you are not that lucky. Sometimes the background of a Business Portraits should simply be a non issue. Using what you…

New Executive Portraits

Thinking about getting some New Executive Portraits? Why not consider something besides a studio background for your new executive portrait? I have years of experience creating photographs that capture attention. Photographing you in your office environment or in an outdoor setting can make your New Executive Portraits stand out and set you apart from the crowd.…

Business Photography

Here is the first in what I hope will be a long series of Blog Posts tilted,   “…HOW I SHOT IT”      Basically a short little story behind the lighting an creation of one of my photographs. Business Photography that stands out. I was contacted by an Estate Auction company that was to…

Business Portraits.

  Creating Business Portraits on Location I love to create Business Portraits on location. Not the same old “Stand in front this wall” photograph that many others use. It is a bonus when I can be creative and give my clients Business Portraits they are excited to use. Using portable lights for Business Portraits on…

Irvine Business Portrait

I recently had the opportunity to create a Business Portrait of an Eye Surgeon in Irvine, California. Most Doctors are quite busy and access to operating rooms can also be restrictive so working fast while producing a clean, quality photograph was required.   Make the subject of your portrait stand out. Of course the Doctor…

Environmental Portraits

More and more these days people are recognizing the importance of using high quality Executive Portraits and Corporate Branding images when representing themselves and their businesses.

Above are some examples of environmental portraits I photographed recently for a client in Lake Forest that asked me to help them do just that.

Chefs Dinner 2014

It is that time of year again. Celebrity Chefs Dinner 2014. November 7, 2014 some of the finest chefs in Orange County will prepare a five course dinner with wine paring. The fundraising event for Share Our Selves a organization that serves as a life preserver for the homeless and working poor in Orange County, California. This is one of their annual events that allows them to provide food and basic medical services to those in need.