Location Studio Lighting

Using Location Studio Lighting for Portraits Most of the time I will go to a new clients location and scout their offices if they are requesting an environmental portrait.  I prefer to work without surprises. If the client wants to be outside, and there is onsite security, they must be informed and permission must be granted before…

Business Portrait Background

Think about your business portrait background. Sometimes you have the opportunity to create Business Portraits in an environment that is complementary to the overall look of the photo and sometimes (a lot of times) you are not that lucky. Sometimes the background of a Business Portraits should simply be a non issue. Using what you…

New Business Portraits.

I have been getting a lot of calls from people that are tired of seeing photos of their executive staffs, business owners, and team members displayed on their websites in gallerys of unflattering images shot over the last 10 years with a mix of poor technique and different backgrounds.

Personality Portraits

There are two main categories that corporate portraits fall into, the standard head and shoulders photo and then the “personality” photo. We do both at Andy Templeton Photography, but have noticed a trend that more corporate portraits are storytelling/personality photos.