Life is more than work.

photographing adaptive skiingFor the past several years I have been a volunteer at United States Adaptive Recreation Center (USARC) in Big Bear Lake. I show people how to enjoy the sport of adaptive skiing using equipment available for those with physical disabilities.

Volunteering allows me to give back to the sport and gets me out of the city and up to the cleaner air of the San Bernardino Mountains where I have been teaching adaptive skiing for over 15 years. Now I am turning Pro. This year I am going through a series clinics and taking the exams – that should I pass – will qualify me to achieve the rank of Professional Ski Instructors of America, Level I Adaptive.

Adaptive Skiing is real skiing

Everyone skis at a different levels. Some people ski standing on two skies, some stand on one ski. Some people sit in a ski. Some of the sit skis have one ski some have two. I ski with people that are paralyzed from below their mid-chest down that ski better then I do.

Why do this? It is not for the money. I will still be a volunteer at USARC. It is not for the chicks. I am ecstatically married to the most wonderful woman in the world. It is not for the glory. Level I Adaptive is kind of like being a private in the army. I get a nice little pin for my vest. Basically, I have been talking about it for years and have convinced my ski buddy Matt, who introduced me to the program, that he should do it also. Now there is no going back. I will post again in April if I pass the test. Until then look for me on the slopes. I will be the guy trying in vain to keep up with the paraplegic that is kicking my butt down every run.

Oh yes, and taking pictures.

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