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Welcome to my page showing examples of Corporate Photographs. While I enjoy producing Executive Portraits, I am also proud to produce other images for your Website or Corporate Branding needs.

One of my favorite classic rock songs is, not surprisingly,  “Every  Picture Tells A Story” by Rod Stewart.  When I was just out of college I worked as a staff photographer for The Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register. I learned how to tell a story with pictures. I learned to take good photographs. Sometimes prize winning photographs. I generally did this while working under unforgiving deadlines.

Technology continues to change. Newspapers and magazines are having trouble retaining their readership. All the information you want is available by pushing a few buttons on your smartphone.

Your website is the new newspaper advertisement.  It is also very often the first impression your clients get of your business. The Corporate Photographs on your website should represent you by telling your story. Importantly, they should tell your story with high quality images.

My focus is to help you do this easily and with professionalism. Executive Portraits or Corporate Photographs do not need to be a stressful experience. I would not be doing this if it was.

Please take a tour around this website. I have posted what I hope you think are great Executive Portraits and Corporate Photographs. Also have pages with information on how to Dress For Your Portraits , Pricing, and a little on How I work.

I understand how some people would rather just pick up a phone and get their information answered by a real person. I am happy to take your call if I am not with another client. Lets talk about how to tell your story.